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  • Linda Guest

    Linda Guest

    I specialise in ghostwriting but write here as myself. I am interested in education, social justice and the human condition. linda@appliedthinking.co.uk.

  • Jessica Wildfire

    Jessica Wildfire

    Unfluencer. jessica.wildfire.writer@gmail.com

  • Srini


    Humorist | Top writer in Satire | Naval Architect ⛵️ Support me at https://ko-fi.com/srinihere

  • Anggun Bawi

    Anggun Bawi

    Writing on relationships, digital marketing, and everything in between |📍Bali |Let’s talk: anggunbawinur@gmail.com

  • Mackenzie Saunders

    Mackenzie Saunders

    Storyteller. Walking paraplegic. Incoming Harvard Law School student. Editor of Destigmatizing. Top Writer x3. Living in AZ, USA

  • John DeCleene

    John DeCleene

    Singapore-based fintech specialist. http://www.datadriveninvestor.com

  • Aaron Dinin, PhD

    Aaron Dinin, PhD

    I teach entrepreneurship at Duke. Software Engineer. PhD in English. I write about the mistakes entrepreneurs make since I’ve made plenty. More @ aarondinin.com

  • Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

    Berenike Schriewer, Ph.D.

    Professional wizard (I mean, coach…) who used to be a lawyer. Global/🇩🇪 citizen in the 🇺🇸. Find purpose, clarity & focus here: leaderforgood.com

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